Unified Field Sound Medicine, Breath Work, Movement, Ritual & Resonance


We are pleased to welcome back for the 3rd time this year, sacred sound master, Mikael King.

"The next progression at Gallery Helios is a whole weekend introducing the Five Elements into the Unified Field Embodiment work. I will be offering a much more in-depth progression to the work introduced in April.

With the addition of ShamanEka Movement, Tantric Meditation, Cacao and Sound Ceremony with the BreathLight Experience and Unified Field Transmission, it will be a much more encompassing "Ritual + Resonance" weekend of embodiment and shamanic tantric practices." Mikael King

Mikael has an extraordinary polyphonic voice and is skilled in the Tibetan tradition of deep throat chanting. He is also the founder of BreathLight, a new and different breath work technique.

By using sound and breath he can deliver you into the Unified Field (Dzogchen, Zero Point, Emptiness, Oneness, Universal Consciousness) where all things manifest and healing takes place. His voice is unique and his integrated approach has been honed and polished through 18 years of experience.

Schedule of Events
Unified Field Soul-stice FIVE ELEMENTS Workshops
Saturday, 18 June 2016 Air: Zero Point Transmission
Saturday, 18 June 2016 Water: BreathLight Experience
Sunday, 19 June 2016 Fire: ShamaEka Somatic Movement

Unified Field Soul-stice ADVANCED WEEKEND Workshops - Breath and Sound
Weekend, 25 & 26 March 2016

Other Related Events
Rainbow Diamond Heart Activation - Private Sessions Weekdays, 21 - 23, 28 2016

New Earth Destiny Documentary and Q&A
with Mikael King (Proceeds to be donated to Charity) Monday, 27 June 2016

Jun 16 - Jun 25, 2016
[ Thu ] - [ Sat ]
7:30 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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Gallery Helios
Introduction Workshop SOLD OUT $30.00
5 Elements Workshop SOLD OUT $160.00
5 Elements Workshop Series SOLD OUT $690.00
Advanced Weekend 1 Day SOLD OUT $360.00
Advanced Weekend 2 Days SOLD OUT $650.00
Venue Address
38 Petain Road, Singapore 208103 Singapore
2 mins walk from City Square Mall, Farrer Park MRT
Gallery Helios, Center for the Art of Mind-Body Wellness